Excerpts from my journal (e1)

Finally, a blog that’s easy to maintain.
*I don’t like leadership, but why does leadership seem to like me?*
LORD, you know my heart, I want to change…
It seems that my prayers are slowly being answered, but in ways I may not yet comprehend.
Leadership is for service, the gift of helps and leadership are not bipolarities after all…

Quote for the day:
"di mo maiintindihan hanggat di mo nalalaman ang mga bagay-bagay na dapat mong malaman para maintindihan mo ako" -anonymous

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3 Responses to Excerpts from my journal (e1)

  1. Lorah says:

    I didn’t know that you dont like leadership. Parang ako…hehehe…nakakarelate ako. God bless bro!

  2. Farinah Joy says:

    Ako din i don’t like it kapatid but i feel blessed that someone like me is chosen to become one. Honestly, marami din akong struggle about leadership but i can’t seem to blow all the infos about it coz i’m afraid no one would understand. Thanks for the courage to come clean and just be you. God bless you in your journey to be a leader for God’s people. mahal kita kuya 🙂

  3. Hazel angela says:

    leadership…tough word, but syempre God equips those He called, kaya don’t worry 🙂

    yung quote..made me have to read it twice..pero totoo sya..sometimes understanding a person is not a “magic thing” where at the snap of a finger you understand and can relate with that other person..time is involved talaga..sharing your life..

    Godbless and keep blogging! woohoo! 🙂

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