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Interesting or Alarming?

The following is an excerpt from Manong Willy Girao’s book, "Attractive Christians in the Everyday World":     Research on present-day church growth has identified some key elements that bring about the rapid growth of churches. Interestingly, the quality of … Continue reading

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Interesting Things about me…

Obvious ba na ngayon lang ako nagka-oras para magpost ng entry? (based on my 1st entry’s anonymous quote) Eto ang ilan sa mga bagat na dapat nyong malaman para maintindihan nyo ako: 1. Ako ay radial, peripheral when it comes … Continue reading

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                                                                         "Lagare", yan yung narinig kong tugon sa isang counselor noong nasa Faculty Partnership Program consultation … Continue reading

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Sledge hammer

  Even Hearts of stone can be destroyed with a sledge hammer, the Word of God. Last friday (09/15/06), instead of having our regular fellowships at SVCF, we had a ‘time of repentance’ instead.  All the footwear were left outside … Continue reading

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