Interesting Things about me…

Obvious ba na ngayon lang ako nagka-oras para magpost ng entry? (based on my 1st entry’s anonymous quote)


Eto ang ilan sa mga bagat na dapat nyong malaman para maintindihan nyo ako:

1. Ako ay radial, peripheral when it comes relationships.
Part of being phlegmaitc is livng where you are. I get to know the people who are currently with me, as long as they are there (classmates, kasabay tumambay, etc). The less I can see someone, the less that I interact.

2. Ako ay detatchable, parang velcro.
Though I hold affinity for certain people or things, it’s not hard for me to be separated, yun nga lang, parang velcor, a part of me is left in the other.

3. My words are more reliable that my actions.
Unless i’m joking (in which case, obvious) it is better to read what I say rather than what I do. I answer all questions answerable by yes or no (use this to your advantage if you want).

4. I relate based on age.
Mas mataas ang expectations ko sa mga mas matanda sa akin. I’ll cinsuder you as mature as your age in relation to me, exception lang pag tinatawag mo akong "kuya"…

5. I don’t like proud people who deny transgression in any way.
There are very few people who offend me without saying sorry…

6. Mahal ko ang Diyos pero nagkakasala din ako.
Sa mga pagkakataong puro puna na lang ang ginagawa ko, minsan di ko nakikita ang aking mga kamalian, I’m open for that.

7. Hindi halata pero madali akong kausap.
Hindi uso sa akin  ang awkward moments  sa conversations. By that I mean wag kayo mahiya magtanong ng mga bagay, kahit negative. O kaya naman mang-rebuke.

"Cast all your anxieties on him because he cares for you " -1 Peter 5:7

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6 Responses to Interesting Things about me…

  1. hello kuya benjie. a lot of the things which you said about yourself are true for me as well. i wish i could assess myself as accurately as you could, though. i’v never been good at that.

    at para malaman mo kung saan tayo pareho, 1-7, actually, except siguro number 6. pero sa number 7, hindi ko alam kung halata o hindi halata na madali akong akong kausap. 🙂

    magaling kang magsulat, kuya benjie. 🙂

  2. siguro tangency natin sa number 6, kuya, madalas ang pagkakamali ko ay dala ng pagiging naive ko. silly mistake, really, kaya siguro hindi ko napapansin. 🙂

  3. benjie says:

    bilis mo magcomment ah. kakapost ko lang nyan kagabi. does this mean officially, phleg-mel na rin ako?

  4. butch says:

    siya nga, anak, magaling ka nga magsulat. dito lumalabas ang pagka-mel mo. mapait, ngunit napakagaling.

  5. Hazel angela says:

    Thought # 1…the less you see of the person, the less you interact…Haay, kaya pala hindi ka na nagtetext!!! hehehe. BUt on a practical note, that is true…it’s hard to keep updated with people geographically far from you…pero sana kahit once in a while, kahit hindi personal FCTF communication, kahit online ok na rin, di ba, Benj!? God bless lagi! –

  6. “does this mean officially, phleg-mel na rin ako?” ~kuya benj

    siyempre, kuya, hindi. marami lang talaga tayong pagkakapareho. 🙂 ~jac

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