Sledge hammer



Even Hearts of stone can be destroyed with a sledge hammer, the Word of God.

Last friday (09/15/06), instead of having our regular fellowships at SVCF, we had a ‘time of repentance’ instead.  All the footwear were left outside the kiosk, and we all sat on the floor instead of sitting on the usual monoblocs. God has impressed upon our execom that we needed to repent fro our sins, primarily as a fellowship, but also as individuals.

    We were asked to meditate on Psalm 51 beforehand. Aferwards, our president started to explain why this had to be, and gave a short message on what true repentance is. For the next hour or so, from the president, to the comittee heads, and even to the members, the floor was opened for everyone who wanted to cry out for forgiveness, confessing our inadequacy, irresponsibility, and other sins. After a while, most of us were literally down on our knees. My voice was shaking uncontrollably (hagulgol) while I recounted and confessed how irresponsible i’ve been in my role as a ‘kuya’, an under-shepherd of the Good shepherd

    Here are some things that I wrote down:
Repentance Means HATRED OF SIN. When we HATE sin in all its forms.
Ps. 97:10, Ps. 38:78.

"Kung nababalutan ng ilaw ang bawa’t sulok ng aking puso, doon lamang mawawala ang anino ng tanikala."

  "It’s just a cycle… ..something must be wrong." -frank 

Note: //…//=notes to self, contextualized

//Subukan mo kayang pumasok sa klase ng "handa" para naman makatulong ka sa iba?//
//Wag nang maulit uli… …ang pangyayaring ito// —> this may imply that it was just another night of tears rather than true repentance.

    Sadly, the three of us (me, billy and jo) had to leave for our LCDC 2k6 planning, and so did not finish the event. Before we left though a time was given for members to fully reconcile with everyone whom they offended or had grudges with. In the end, a manila paper was laid down for everyone to write their promises on. With that, we walked away, with red eyes, broken hearts, lighter loads, and a new hope.

*This post is 9 days late. I sure hope it will be edifying…


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3 Responses to Sledge hammer

  1. Hazel angela says:

    wow…i praise God for all your lives..that state of maturity in CHrist..nakaka-miss tuloy…everytime, may we always ask, “Create in me a clean heart O God and renew a right Spirit within me..”
    regards sa lahat 🙂

  2. chiri says:

    i am blessed and edified… just praying that most of all, the LORD was blessed!
    thanks for posting this for people like me… but most of all, for HIM where all things had and have their being! alhamdulillah…
    miss you all guys!
    love, ~’techiri

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