A Series of Undesirable Events

*Does the title sound uhh, different? That’s because I don’t believe in luck or fortune…*

Here’s a list of the not-so-desirable things that happened within the past week:


  • My digital camera broke down while taking pictures during SVCF’s Christmas Party. It cost me a a lot and it’s not even 2 years old.
  • I dropped my phone while eating breakfast, and has accidentally become touchscreen.
  • I lost my keys while disembarking from the bus I rode.
    It was attached to a keychain that was a gift from my longtime friend.
  • Four dogs chased me yesterday as I was biking in Area 2. As a result, I now have cuts and wounds on both legs.

    Well, even amidst all that, I’m glad that there’s still joy in my heart. Looking at the bright side, at least I wasn’t bitten or held up. Yet, looking beyond the bright side, there’s the BRIGHTNESS, God as the assurance of our future, regardless of undesirable the happenings are.

Shoving the gloom aside, I did learn some lessons this week:

  • A believer must really be ready to give up material things and posessions.
  • A clip keychain must always be clipped to  something so that it won’t get lost.
  • One must avoid putting big things in shallow pockets.
  • Dogs are volatile, and are easily agitated by the shadow of rotating wheels.

// To date, I don’t think any of these are things that happened for the sake of the gospel, yet it would likely be just a taste of the things that could happen. Learn from your experiences, see what God is teaching you, and how He wants to change you.//

Quote for the week (On God’s commanded will):

"God is the great composer of life and He made great music for us… but we are still the musicians, and we should perform our lives according to his compositions."

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One Response to A Series of Undesirable Events

  1. hello kuya benj. undesirable huh? napaka-ingat nyo naman po sa inyong mga salita. ingat po kayo, kuya. 🙂

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