Lately I’ve been waking up every day at around 5:45+ 30 minutes. That’s regardless of whether or not I set up my alarm or if I slept at 12am or 2am. Last night, I slept at around 2am, and yet woke up at the same time.

Maybe God is reminding about my commitment to wake early in the morning to spend time with Him, just like Jesus did (Mark 1:35-39). Maybe it’s because i promised that at the moment I wake up, I’ll spend my very first moments talking to God and reading His words. However, sometimes I seem to desire sleep more than I do time with God. I argue that it is a basic need, yet how about fasting?  Is it not also denying yourself of a basic need?

  Well, I’m not exactly advocating a "sleep fast", though I did try it once. It’s just that, "sinisingil ata ako ni Lord sa mga pangakong sinulat ko sa aking journal, at may pirma ko pa…"

  Be careful what you promise, God may hold you accountable to the things that you say…

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One Response to 5:45am

  1. Ida Ingrid says:

    Hi Benj,

    Buti ka pa.=) sinusubukan kong gumising before 6, hindi nangyayari..hay buhay. =)

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