Lamierda (Rest-treat; The Luzon Leg)

I Just came home from State Varsity Christian Fellowship Diliman’s (SVCF-UPD) impromptu retreat, held in Brgy. Kaybagal, Tagaytay City from April 2-4, 2007. It seemed that the venue stuck true to its name. As it was, time there seemed so dragging, and yet the days seem to go by too fast without much activity.

For the most part, we seemed like a group of 11 people taking a year-ender vacation, doing nothing but eating, cooking, talking, and taking pictures. You may ask how what we did qualified to be a retreat, and not a "rest-treat."

The theme was on resting, and so, being true to its theme, we abolished and adjusted most of the schedule, making it flexible and rest-filled. We had a single talk on the theme, and most of the activities were what church people would consider secular, if not neutral.

Well, as for me, I learned a few lessons from the first leg of my nationwide trip:

  • A retreat need not be filled with the "heavy stuff" and all those things regarding contemplation
  • sometimes you can’t help but be ‘Martha’ instead of being ‘Mary’
  • Nakakainsulto pala pag ikaw yung timekeeper tapos nauuna sila magising
  • Masarap kumain kapag matatakaw ang mga kasama mo
  • masaya magdrive ng sasakyan na di sa iyo sa lugar na di mo kabisado
  • Hindi lang pala ako burger monster, suman monster din! (I ate a total of 4 burgers and 6 suman within 4 meals)

Mga kabaliwan ng ESBI:

  • Ang "panginoon system of naming"
  • Lamierda sessions
  • Paano mamick-up sa dry market
  • Nagbo-ballroom nang naka-tsinelas sa isang sosyal na bulaluhan (with panginoong sinipa)
  • Lite ace-stuffing contest (11 kami sa loob)
  • Sleeping in the terrace under hostile cold winds
  • formulating new novelty dances (care of panginoong may unan)
  • cooking tilapia flambe’ (care of panginoong kaybagal)

and lots of other stuff for you guys to figure out.

Quote of the day:
"Live to the hilt every situation you believe to be the will of God" -Jim Elliot

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