Lessons from Dissection


"Hindi kasi sya marunong mag open-up" was a line I heard my brother say a while ago.
//warning: kung sino man yung iniisip nyo na ‘sya’ eh mali kayo, trust me… at wala akong pinapatamaan dito, these are but thoughts =)//

We have been dissecting frogs in class for around two weeks now. We have ripped open live, dead, and preserved frogs day after day. Layer after layer of skin, membrane, muscle, organs and blood vessels. Everything is laid bare. We go on as long as there is something underneath, something hidden.

As I remember the image of the frog pinned on four limbs, with its body open as shown above, I remember the word vulnerability.

What does it mean to be vulnerable? In a way, it is putting yourself into the dissecting pan. It is allowing yourself to be pinned down and opened up. To lift up your flaps and see the secrets hidden inside, piercing through layers of skin, muscle, and membrane. Pushing aside the organs (or issues) that cover other organs (major issues).  To be opened up for inspection (hanapin nyo yung kidneys!), ridicule (ay, maduo yung palaka natin!), and praise (anlaki naman ng puso ng palaka nyo!).

Sometimes, we feel sorry for the frog, he/she looks severely humiliated and defenseless. Sometimes, I feel it’s the same for being vulnerable.

Haha, all these thoughts give a new insight on the term "opening up."   

Well, I have to go now, still need to wash the dishes. Thank God for allowing me to finish my bio 11 plates earlier than expected.

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