Not really another gospel…

I got this book from my ninang, and since I’m down with fever and am unable to sleep, I might as well spend my resting time reading:

"If you drop a cockroach in juice, people won’t drink the juice. Ask them why and they say ‘because cockroaches are disease carriers.’ So you say, ‘Okay, so we ‘ll use a sterilized cockroach.’ Makes no difference, they still won’t drink the juice.

Sixty pages into the book and enjoying it. It’s a very relevant book, especially for food tech students like me. Indeed, people are irrational when it comes to their preconditioned beliefs. When a substance is classified as either natural or artificial. It will not matter to a person whether there’s absolutely no difference in their chemical compositions, as long as one is labeled artificial or synthetic.

Same must be true about some of those who ‘believe’ in Christ or call themselves Christians. Any evidence will not matter to them as long as they have preconditioned beliefs.

*I do not seek to argue with anyone, rather I want all of us to see if the things we believe in are rational or logical rather than just blind faith. Whether it is in the subject of dieting,  or faith,  we must always be rational and critical  thinkers. We must always be humans , made in the image and likeness of God.

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One Response to Not really another gospel…

  1. janna says:

    so iinumin mo yung may sterilized cockroach na juice? =p

    may fried cockroaches sa cambodia. hehe.


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