LDMC 2007 Director’s Cut, v2

I was typing this last night when all of a sudden, I clicked on an ad by accident, and *poof*, all the text went bye-bye.

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship.
Leadership, Discipleship, and Missions Camp 2007.
The Incomparable and Inconvenient Truth: Living as Followers of Christ.
October 23-29 (or 21-30 for us)
The Lord’s Garden, Brgy. Looc, Calamba, Laguna

"Ikaw daw director ng camp na to ah."

"hindi, si Lord."

Warning: This entry will contain many grammatical errors, and will not be as creative as the previous ones. This piece will be way different from the one i wrote last night. please bear with me.

This camp, from its conception, has truly been inconvenient. From the speakers and counselors backing out, to the schedules that were never final.

A total of 109 campers for the 3 tracks were recorded, not counting the participants to the Councilor’s Training Conference.  Roughly  180 people were involved in the camp, including counselors, staff, and speakers. This has been, I believe, the biggest  sem-break  camp ever held, in terms of sheer number.
I was blessed with many highly competent co-workers who were able to stand up to the pressures of planning without breaking down, and were wise enough to give sound advice to us youngsters. (congrats!)

From the start, I already felt unworthy to direct the camp. This was partly because I can’t commit myself 100% to the camp knowing that I left responsibilities at home. I found it hard to entrust them to the Lord, especially since they were continually demanding my time.

There’s also the constant pressure of being blamed for any small thing that goes wrong, and being accountable to everything that happens (accidents, changes in the schedule, wrongdoings, etc.)

Eventually, a staff asked me to make a choice between pastoring the flock or directing the camp. I chose the rod and the staff, but found it hard to veer off from my administrative and curricular job description. I missed cabin devotions and bonding moments because of exec meetings. I missed out on some sessions to help in the physical arrangements. I barely knew my small group(s) beyond the surface. I was Mary and Martha at the same time, sometimes choosing what is good, sometimes, what is better.

During the camp, we faced a lot of trials. It seemed to me that, in line with the theme, it has somehow become the incomparable and inconvenient camp. The Lord has made us realize the theme before, during, and after the camp.

These trials include: overlooking counselor’s antics, overlooking camper’s antics, delayed sessions, sessions not going according to plan, swapping schedules, demolishing schedules, perennial complaints, spiritual battles, and physical ailments.


  • PLEASE GOD, NOT MEN. Even Jesus had enemies, and got negative comments. I heard a lot of negative feedback during the camp, and even from outside the camp. Yet my job was to continue the work assigned to me, regardless of what others do or say.
  • HUMILITY. God taught us to be humble, down to the toe-level.
  • SENSITIVITY. Everything is permissible, but not everything is beneficial. We overlooked a lot of things that made some of the young ones stumble, and realized that some issues (like homosexuality) should not be taken lightly. Things that appear harmless to us are actually offensive to some. Indeed, being a stumbling block to the young ones is considered a great sin.
  • GRACE ABOUNDS. There were times that we almost gave up. It seemed that the people were not ready to evangelize, and the weather, unwilling to cooperate. Yet, it was as if the clouds pulled back,  and the  doors in the neighborhood swung open.  There were also times that we almost screwed up. We didn’t have  a prepared final challenge up until an hour before it was given.  Apart from that, the plan wasn’t followed, as God lead us to some minor changes, and changing more than half of the final challenge message minutes before it was given.
  • MERCY. Even before the campers arrived, a family came to us for help. A 73 year old mother with breast cancer was brought to us. We shared the gospel, prayed for them, and gave them a part of the offering.
  • PERENNIAL INCONVENIENCE. Even after the camp, campers and counselors have been facing illnesses, persecutions, challenges, and struggles. Living as followers of Christ was never easy, but, it was, is, and always will be, worth it.

Christianity is never more than heeding a call: "Follow me."

To God be all the glory!

direk benj
(camp janitor)

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  1. Lorah says:

    aww!!! hi benj! sorry hindi kita nakumusta nun…haay…*hugz*

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