“…a brotherhood of sorts”

    Last Wednesday, after emerging from the nearby grocery shop with a white plastic bag, I saw an all-too-familiar silhouette, with matching car, from a distance. The shadow happened to belong to Melvin, a man who shared the same schools as I did since elementary. After some chit-chat and updates with each other’s lives, he decided to pray for me, as I was to speak in a dorm fellowship a day after.
    It was then that he mentioned that our friendship has become "…a brotherhood of sorts." As I looked back, I remembered how we once walked a distance of around 6-8 kilometers on foot, as 6th graders. How after that, my mom grounded me and my brother from hanging out with him.
    Come high school, we became Pokemon card and console RPG game enthusiasts. He was being a nominal Christian, and I was a struggling believer who was ashamed of my faith. Before graduation however, I saw how he was transformed by God into someone with the boldness and passion to share Jesus.
    Though we rarely get to bump into each other these days, we have both seen the faithfulness and work of God in our lives. Perhaps apart from being both sinners saved by grace and having the same Lord, we are bonded by the witnessing God’s power in changing lives and turning us into Christian men, into a brotherhood of sorts.

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One Response to “…a brotherhood of sorts”

  1. Lorah says:

    awww!!!Inspiring benj…everything by the grace of God. Praise His Name…:D

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