Life in Chairs

//It’s been long since I last blogged. Haven’t thought of something edifying to share lately. I have been taking medications for tuberculosis for more than two weeks now, and it has somehow made me weaker that I normally am.//

    While pondering one day, I realized that life can be defined as a series of chairs. From the moment we learn to sit, there has always been a specific set of chairs for each phase of our lives.
    The chairs that we have occupied and will occupy say something about our lives and status. Round table meetings have specific ranks in specific positions. As we grow up, we trade our high chairs for the playground swings, and then for arm chairs at school.  At work, we have different chairs, often becoming more fancy with increasing ranks. After retirement, there’s a chance that we’ll sit in a wheel chair. If you’re from a certain tribes in the northern province, you’ll be buried seated in a seat-for-life.
    The chairs or seats we occupy are opportunities that often do not repeat. Not everyone gets to study after college, work at the same office desk for years, or hold chairmanship positions for multiple terms. These chairs represent kairos moments that should not pass ungrabbed.
    I have had many regrets in the past. Not sharing God’s good news of salvation to friend I might never encounter again. Choosing to not attend certain events and trainings that I knew would have been worth my time. Not giving my all in the positions I once held. Spending too much time in the computer chair and toilet bowl.
    Perhaps in the future, I will be made to choose between chairs. Whatever the case maybe, I hope all my decisions will be inclined towards pleasing the One whose throne and judgment seat I will one day stand before. The One who chose the seat at the right hand of God, rather than the throne of this world. The One whose chair I am not even worthy to see, Jesus Christ.

    So, what are you waiting for, don’t just sit around there, uhh, do something?

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One Response to Life in Chairs

  1. Arlene says:

    Now ko lang na read ito.How everyday but how profound. I’m always blessed by your you

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