Urban Marathon (and other miscellaneous happenings)

I haven’t quite had enough time to have a decent scripture-meditation type quiet time these past few days.  I had a few instances of scripture reading, thanks to my phone’s S60 bible. I am also rereading a book entitled “the man in the mirror: solving the 24 problems men face.” There were also bursts of prayer and petition during the day and at night, not counting mealtimes.

So, what’s been happening these past few days?

  • Went to DOST twice for my scholarship spending an aggregate travel and waiting time of 9.5 hours. I went home blessed to have my scholarship reinstated and have last semester’s fees reimbursed, with matching allowance!
  • Went to asiantech for a followup regarding my “voided” battery warranty. Had a test of patience and Christ-likeness in patiently arguing and fighting for my rights. Will know the results soon. I pray that my love and enthusiasm for God will be independent of the result of this warranty appeal.
  • Spent almost 300 in jeep, bus, and train fares within a span of 3 days.
  • Went with my relatives to a pool party in los banos.
  • Had bouts of allergic rhinitis, allowing me to miss my saturday class.

So, what am I learning from all these?

  • Trust God unwaveringly.
  • love Him independent of your circumstances.
  • Always remember that people are God’s creation.
  • Anyone can be a recipient of grace, and we are dispensers of what we have received from above.
  • Humility and temper are inversely proportional.


Earlier today, I had a friend who was wondering about goals. It’s true that after you have achieved one, you find another, until you find one that you think you can’t achieve. What does God have to say about these things? scroll down.

Q: What is the chief end of man?
A: Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.

-Westminster Catechism


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One Response to Urban Marathon (and other miscellaneous happenings)

  1. janna says:

    di mo naman ako relative ah. bwahaha!

    anyway, i commend you for being patient and slow to anger and for not shouting so much. =p

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