A Day Well Spent: Jesus Week Day One

It’s been one long day, yet for once in a very long time I have almost no regrets on how I spent it, save for lying awake during siesta hours.

I’ve seen God’s name lifted up and given honor all day, in the lives of the people around me. From thesis defenses and prayers, to singing and preaching God’s word. I hope this is just a prelude to the Jesus week in UP Diliman.

“What consumes you?”

Was just one of the many phrases that I eavesdropped from someone who prepared a short devotion that sounded like a compact sermon on one’s attitudes towards ministry.

Our standards when it comes to serving God must be worthy of the God we serve. No less than the best is what we’re supposed to give. Mediocre Christianity is an irony that should not be tolerated on account of mercy and grace. Though it exists, we are not to practice it. If we allow anything else apart from God to consume us, then we must change.

May UP give to Christ what is due Him.

Let it start with His Children.


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One Response to A Day Well Spent: Jesus Week Day One

  1. mom says:

    As always, I’m again blessed by your blog.Thanks for posting. God bless you and take care

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