Give to Caesar, what is to Caesar, give to God what is due to God

(Sub: It never hurts to ask)

Yesterday morning, I decided to pay my dad’s tax dues to avail of the 20% discount for annual taxes paid before march 31. I scurried to find enough cash to pay the anticipated amount, and went off to ride a jeep to the Quezon City Hall.


I had a book with me to read, assuming there will be long lines. To my surprise, the 30-number gap between my number and the screen display was gone in less than 10 minutes. After having the assessment, I thanked God that the due amount did not increase from last year’s.

As I found my way into the payment area, the clerk checked my documents and said that I can’t pay those named after my lolo because they were classified under corporate tax. I needed a cedula, though I did not know If it was to be my dad’s or my lolo’s (who is now dead). I got another queue number either ways. This time, it only took about 3 minutes for me to be called.

I handed the cashier all the payable documents, and waited as she processed each one. I was hesitating in my mind if I was to ask her about the corporate tax, but in the end had enough courage to speak. After answering my questions, she noticed that our address was from UP. She asked where.

“Sa area 1 po, sa Juan Luna”

“Talaga? Taga area 1 din kami, sa Aguinaldo ako dati nung 1964”

The conversation went on, we mentioned a list of neighbor’s surnames that sounded familiar to both of us, but not quite. Eventually, she allowed me to pay the corporate taxes (maliit lang naman compared to the others, but hey, 20% discount is 20% discout). Amazing. It was nothing more than God’s intervention. No other cashier could have allowed me to pay the other taxes.

By 9am, I was walking home, almost skippity-hoppy about what just occurred. But that’s not all! After I finished printing our group paper, I went to management class, where we wathced a video. It turned out to be our last class meeting, and our teacher returned our exams. I got a 100%, to the praise and glory of God!

Gee, i’m talking as if there’s no pressure from thesis and my other academic requirements

Well, God has always been good, I hope and pray that I will still be able to be like this when tougher times come.

Thoughts to ponder: Excerpts for Ravi Zacharias’ Cries of the Heart

‘It is not also instructive of our bias  that society popularly brands all tradgedies as “acts of God” but fails to attribute equal credit when we enjoy something good? This is a reversal of Job’s predicament. He knew that all good came from God but was puzzled at the source of all bad.We postmodern skeptics blame God for all the bad and credit ourselves with all that is good. Have we all bought into the belief that God is not interested in making life enjoyable? Has the Christian faith somehow been molded and reshaped to appear as a killer of pleasure or as a barrier to fun? Have enjoyment and amusement been handed over to “the world” so that the very idea of pleasure is seen as inimical to spirituality? Can God give us a wide array of pleasures including the physical and the aesthetic that we may enjoy without feeling that it is a break from the routine for the Christian?’

How about you, how has God been good to you?

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