Seventh Haven, Updates, and Other Reflections

It’s been a year and three days since my official transfer to Santa Rosa, Laguna for work. In that span of time, I have stayed in seven different places, all within a 200-meter radius from a point almost one kilometer away from the ice cream plant where I work.

I have just moved in to our “Seventh-haven” last Monday. The place is around 27-30 square meters in size, with a single room and a sizeable sala/kitchen that could fit two to three more boarders (para mas makamura sa rent).  Even with me and my housemate’s stuff spread thinly, there’s still enough room to dance. Pinagmamayabang ba? And the wifi’s just been recently installed.

The place looks a bit old compared to most of the previous places I’ve been to, and the only “furnishings” (comfort room aside) are in the form of a kitchen sink, and some overhead wooden kitchen racks.

So what prompted our transfer to this place, considering that we’ve stayed in our last house (three blocks away) for less than thirty days? Well, the landlord couldn’t fix the cellphone signal problem in our old unit, add to that the very visible termite infestation that is already making considerable progress in consuming our wooden door. The prospect of transferring to a unit with a considerably bigger floor area, albeit having lesser fresh air (opening our new house’s window would allow fumes from whatever is cooking in the restaurant below to permeate our living space, and thus make us crave for food), -for the same price- is not really a bad deal.

The thought of finally settling down in Laguna is still foreign to me. I do not see myself as being here still in the next five years. I still have a rollo-mat for a ‘bed’, drop-downs and collapsibles for storage, an electric fan and a netbook as my ‘appliances’, and no more that ten books at a time in my ‘shelf’. Though our place, Mercado Village, is becoming more like a second home, I still can’t see myself residing here permanently.

  • I am yet to hear from God about His long-term plans for my life. Yet what’s clear to me is that I should be a witness and an ambassador for Christ, wherever I am. The thought of finding a midweek fellowship has crossed my mind for quite some time. Yet among the many denominations that I have found in and near the village, none seems to resemble ‘home’. There’s a Kingdom Hall, an SDA Chapel, an ADD center, a JIL chapter, a small Full Gospel church, and probably something that closely resembles an Evangelical mega church. I’ll probably scout around some more and see if there’s anything that could help.
  • Ever since the time I was put under discipline, I have been practicing a different set of spiritual gifts. For I could not fully utilize my teaching gifts at such a state. Recently I’ve been trying to discover in what other ways I could serve the Lord, and what other avenues are probably not for me. Looking at my files, however, made me long to be able to use my teaching gifts again. Yet the purpose and the intent must be right – to bring glory to God by edifying the church. Perhaps this blog is my only virtual-square-meter-the-pulpit. And so I hope to be able to write some more for that matter.
  • Recent conversations with a friend of mine brought about the topic of “unlearning”, the art of getting out of your life or system thought patterns or habits that are of little or no use for the building up of the Kingdom of God. Since time immemorial, it has been easier to break good habits and keep bad ones. Yet Christ calls us to “leave our life of sin” (John 8:11), and to “be transformed by the renewal of our minds (Romans 12:2).
  • Recent “love month” learnings and reflections has led me to critically rethink once more my paradigm of courtship: That I should know a person sufficiently, and trust God fully (prior to even attempting to court), to the point that nothing you would later find out about the person you are courting will make you back out, unless it involves a clear message from God that your lives are not meant to be intertwined, or that you are called to different directions. If you cannot say to yourself that you “love” (in the context of commitment, with no buts and ifs) the person you are to considering to court for a possible lifetime partnership, then you probably have to go back to square one: trust God more and pray for wisdom and courage.
  • In line with the previous reflection, I praise God that I am less affected by all the external pressures countering my choice to still be single at this point. I praise Him too for providing two friends -whose names are pronounced the same way- who both gave the same advice: to wait patiently.
  • So what’s my life’s direction as of now? We have been given the next-to-impossible task of having our plant HACCP certified in an insanely short amount of time. It will be hard, but as a Christian who works for the Lord first and foremost, I don’t think that we should give up without even trying. I hope and pray that the Lord will be our helper as we seek to glorify Him by exemplifying a life of integrity while accomplishing the tasks assigned to us. If in the course of doing my work I could please both God and man, then good. But if it’s either one or the other, then, may there be peace in choosing God at the cost of disappointing men.Our term in the Young Professionals’ Core group will end this summer. I hope and pray that we could do a proper turnover that would provide a continuity in terms of leadership and meeting the objectives that have been set. Working more than 50 kilometers away from home has made it harder for me to lead as president. Add to that the various inter-personal issues I had, and still will have to deal with, and you have a recipe for a not-so-harmonious life. I still have to practice faith daily in believing the sufficiency of the grace of God in all these.

“Living in a world that doesn’t acknowledge absolute moral standards is like being in a place where everyone has his or her own meter stick – all with different lengths, shapes, and sizes, and none of them straight. Each one insists that theirs is the right one, yet when a plan for a house is given, none of them will be able to construct it properly. Our position before God as sinners is similar – we think we are right in our own eyes, yet when put to the test, we fail miserably.”

I guess that’s it for now, an organized and hopefully edifying ranting about my personal pinagdadaanans

“If mean is synonymous to average, does that then, make the average person mean?”





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2 Responses to Seventh Haven, Updates, and Other Reflections

  1. rg.guillermo says:

    It was great reading your updates, kuya. Hopefully you get to find a fellowship soon.

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