The Truth behind 98% (insert 3-letter word here)-free

As a Food Technologist in the dairy industry, I have seen many marketing claims that fall short of being categorized as blatant lies.

One such claim is the 98% fat free milk.

A reader would think that what he’s buying has 98% less fat than regular milk. What it actually means is that the milk is composed of 2% fat by weight rather than the regular’s 3.5% to 4%. That’s a 50% reduction at most.
That aside, you could not really call anything fat-free unless it is 100% fat-free. Even the slightest hint of fat in the product will make the term “fat-free” a misleading one.

Most people would probably agree with my logic in pointing out that the ad claims are misleading at the very least, senseless  and utterly contradictory at most. Yet they probably will not agree with me when I use the same logic for sin.

If a person stands before God on judgment day, will he say, “I am 98% sin-free, because only 2% of my life was spent sinning, it’s well above 50%.”
Will he then expect God to respond with “Fair enough, you may enter.
(translated thought-for-thought, most Filipinos actually think this way)

God’s word says otherwise. Much in the same way that low fat milk is not really fat-free, men are not really “sin-free”.

It was precisely because of man’s inability to make himself sin-free that God had to send his Son into the world, so that in being forgiven, we could be counted sin-free:

“Yet to all who did receive him, to those who believed in his name, he gave the right to become children of God”—John 1:12 (NIV)

Milk is not fat-free

Man is not sin-free

Milk doesn’t need a savior from fat

Man needs a savior from sin

The choice is ours

Remember this every time you drink your milk

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2 Responses to The Truth behind 98% (insert 3-letter word here)-free

  1. arlene gonzales says:


  2. “Milk doesn’t need a savior from fat…” Hhahaha FTW! XD

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