Often Falling Short of What I Envision

(for some reason, my writing style seems to be at a loss for words this week, please bear with me)

After a long hiatus, we finally had another Young Pros core meeting. The word “vision” started playing over and over inside my head durning the meeting, My personal vision for the Young Professionals (not just for DCBC but for the universal church as well) is the same vision I have for myself. In terms of its materialization, my pessimistic mind would compare the actual to the envisioned in the same way that one would compare my caricatures to a Monalisa-level painting. It still has a very long way to go.

A few months ago, I read Josh McDowell’s book, The Last Christian Generation. The title alone will tell you what it’s all about. The premise is that, more or less, if we don’t change the way we do things, in the context of a post-modernist, pluralistic world, modern day biblical Christianity may continue to dwindle and deteriorate (but of course, God won’t allow that to happen).

As part of this ‘generation’ of still young believers (young as in like how Timothy is to the apostle Paul), I believe that it is both our duty and responsibility to make sure that we don’t fall into the trap, eventually living our lives in a manner that is not significantly and eternally different from those around us. Just looking at the sheer number of facebook friends that I used to have fellowship with, but are now traveling a different road is enough to make me depressed. Not to mention that there had been times that I started traveling down the same path of disobedience (whether passive or active) against God. But of course, instead of sulking in depression, I figured I should rather ask myself “what will it take for us to not turn out the same way?”, “What can we do about it, as early as now?”.

Now, let me share with you fragments of that vision:

I pray that we would be proactive in the Stephen Covey sense of the word, yet, not for ourselves, but for the God that we serve who deserves nothing but the best we have to offer.

I pray that we would be passionate and bold about the Gospel, overcoming the perpetual shyness that we often use as an excuse, being eternally persistent, and unsderstanding the gravity and importance of the call that has been entrusted to us.

I pray that we would not be strangled by the “worries of this world”, becoming unfruitful in the process. May we avoid living for the next paycheck, the latest fads, technologies, and other things that we might over-indulge ourselves in (like food, gadgets, experiences, and media or entertainment).

I pray that we would not forget that we are only transients in this world, that we are to actively store up treasures in heaven by abounding in good works and constantly aligning our lives to the will of God, no matter how hard.

I pray that we would grow in love, care, and accountability, opening ourselves up to give and receive. That we would encourage one another to continue in the faith and to stand firm amidst all the trials and temptations.

I am speaking for myself, but I think most of you would agree. As to how to make these things into a tangible reality, I’m hoping that some of them would be addressed in the upcoming DCBC Young Pros General Assembly this Sunday, at 12 noon in the UP School Of Statistics.


If you:

  1. are an attendee of any of DCBC’s services
  2. are no longer an undergraduate student
  3. consider yourself young

Then you are highly encouraged to attend the General Assembly!

See you!

Ayun lang po…

Often Falling Short of What I Envision

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3 Responses to Often Falling Short of What I Envision

  1. arlene gonzales says:

    Thought-provoking and so timely

  2. Hannah says:

    extremely relevant, and yes, i totally agree! thanks for this, kuya benj! and, well, i’m looking forward to graduating, so see you guys in a couple of years! 😉

  3. kairosdelta says:

    hello hannah! thanks for visiting! looking forward to the day you join the “work force” 🙂

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