Practical Stuff: Moneymatters Part 2 : Transportation

I remember hearing from someone that the basic necessities that man needs to survive today have been updated: “food, shelter, clothing, and wifi”

We’ve already tackled food, but before we go to shelter, clothing, and wifi, let’s first go to another important budget-eater:


With the invention of the wheel, and the domestication of giant herbivores, man was given an alternative to bipedal locomotion. Some people have been so engrossed with traveling in wheels that they almost forgot what their feet were for. The comic book character Calvin, when asked by his mom what the feet were for, replied: “to work the gas pedal”.

Transportation can be categorized as either “Private” or “Public”. Since more people will be commuting rather than driving a vehicle (and much less will be driving their OWN vehicle), my standpoint will be invariably biased towards commuting.

Driving: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • You can go anywhere
  • You can travel faster
  • You can haul lots of stuff
  • You need a license
  • You need to park
  • You need to pay for gas, parking, and maintenance
  • You will inevitably increase worldwide fossil fuel consumption and carbon footprint

Owning a car:

  • Will probably cost you four years of your gross, entry-level salary
  • Will also cost you a third of your monthly salary for maintenance, gas, and insurance
  • Has a high chance of either tying you to a not-so-enjoyable high-paying job, or getting you in debt.

Public Transport

1. Follow the Transportation pyramid:

Use more of the base and less of the tip.

2. Use your legs

Walk, jog, or ride a bike. Keep yourself fit and your wallet fat. If you walk enough, then you might just eliminate the need to jog N times a week (unless you want to build stamina) I personally walk any distance less than two kilometers, with but a few exceptions:

  • during heavy rains or floods
  • when the sun is more likely to give you skin cancer than just an ample supply of vitamin D
  • when I have more than 10kgs load on my shoulders, or any takaw-nakaw objects

Walking is biblical. Except for riding boats, a mule, and ascending/teleporting after his resurrection, Jesus walked wherever he went. When he said “follow me”, people followed him on foot.

3. Consider routes when going to new places. Don’t be afraid to get lost.

Not knowing how to get to a certain place will most likely lead to taking Taxis that go round and round the gridlock streets, or ‘special trip’ tricycles that charge more than ten times their normal fare.

4. Always allot ample time for getting to a certain venue.

Some people take cabs and special trips because they value their time, and don’t want to be late. More often than not, however, people just don’t make it appoint to allot enough time for commuting. If you feel that you are wasting time while you are on the long jeep or bus trip home, try praying. Intercede for yourself, your loved ones, the nation, the world, and the lost. Trust me, before you know it, you would have passed your destination.

Praise God for the short holiday that has given me enough time to purge articles from the drafts section ^_^

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3 Responses to Practical Stuff: Moneymatters Part 2 : Transportation

  1. parang ang saya lumipad habang sumusunod. ^_^

    pag nagdasal ka, lalagpas ka? :p

  2. Hannah says:

    I remember UP days with #2. Oh how i miss the long walks around the campus…*nostalgia* :)) And I like #3! As Ray Bradbury puts it: Half the fun of the travel is the aesthetic of lostness. I always keep that in mind wherever i go, except when I have an important meeting. =P

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