Loving Your Enemies – Forgive and Forget

‘Ibigin ang Kaaway’

1. Pray for them

2. Do Good to them

3. Forgive them and Forget what they did to you

4. Approach them

5. Trust them


It is very hard to forgive those who have offended us, much more forget about what has been done.

Yet that is exactly how God forgives:


“For I will forgive their  iniquity, and I will remember their sin no  more. ”

-Jeremiah 31:34b

This is not to say that God literally ‘forgets’ our crimes, for that would go against his being all-knowing. What is implied, rather, is that God’s forgiveness is genuine, it does not unearth what has already been buried. Once God forgives, he does not anymore count against us what we have done. ‘Past is past’, as the saying goes.


We as followers of God and his son, Jesus, must forgive in the same way. Imagine (a hypothetical situation that may possibly be true) if you were a Christian in the time of the book of Acts. Your parents were killed by Saul. Then this same Saul turns to God, is accepted by the church, and is given a new name, Paul.


A few years after you parent’s death, this same Paul is now considered as a leader, and one of the  most respected at that. Your church now receives a letter from Paul, with instructions on how you should live your life.


Could you find it in your heart to forgive and respect Paul as God’s messenger, and obey what he is teaching? Or will you rebel against God for being seemingly unjust, and forever resent this ‘mass murderer’ (Paul) who now claims apostolic and pastoral authority over your very life?


Most of us will probably choose the latter over the former, thinking that the former is impossible. Yet, as with entering the kingdom of God, it can be done:


But Jesus looked at them and said,  “With man this is impossible, but with God  all things are possible. “

-Matthew 19:26


In the same way that it takes faith to enter the kingdom of God, we can forgive and forget if we have faith that God can change and transform our hearts to become like his.


With God, all things are possible. Possible, but not necessarily easy. The struggle to forgive should be a very small price to pay for becoming a step closer to Christ-likeness.



May there be no delays in our obedience.

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