Year-End Post

At dahil uso na ang magsulat ng year-end article, ako rin (pero matagal ko na talaga inisip isulat to)


2011 Has been a unique year for me, there had been many firsts, and many highlights.

Thwarted Plans

  • My plans to look for a church in Santa Rosa, as well as to semi-permanently reside there were short lived – they did materialize, but clearly, God had other plans, as I was back to our local church in UP after a month
  • The Plans to move me from Laguna to Pasig were met with Divine Intervention. Less than a week after taking all my stuff home and giving up our apartment unit, I was withdrawn from Pasig and had to relocate once more back to Santa Rosa, because of circumstances that were beyond my control.

There’s a First Time for Everything

  • My attempt at courtship was met with a polite but categorical rejection up front, along with a downgrade in the level of friendship.
  • My job application for one of my preferred employers was also categorically shut down. I failed the Counterproductive Behavior Test miserably.
  • I think it was my first time to speak again in a fellowship setting after three years. It feels so liberating to practice my locked down gifts once more.

Pleasant Surprises

  • A relationship that I thought was next to impossible to mend was miraculously repaired to a state of high functionality.
  • It looks like my parents will be home for good soon, or at least out of Indonesia.


  • Moving to the Tagalog service at church has allowed me to deepen friendships with more people
  • I was able to unearth panahon-ng-hapon trivia and basic info that I did not know about my Lola all this time, during our bonding sessions (also known as lola’s monologues)
  • I was able to re-connect and connect to new IVCF buddies
  • I was able to join the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers – met mew friends and became inspired to read and write some more.
  • Distance actually made our family tighter somehow.


  • God has used people in church, at work, at home, and everywhere else to point out kinks in my armor and weaknesses in my character – a truly humbling experience

Fast Forward: Hopes and Dreams for 2012

  • A job closer to home
  • Continuous reconciliation with people around me
  • A wider sphere of influence for God’s Glory
  • Consistency in service, discipline, and obedience
  • The materialization of my planned blogging projects
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2 Responses to Year-End Post

  1. Jhoanna Isla says:

    i thought it was impossible, not just nearly impossible. “it’s only that grace has outlived our regrets.” 🙂 who knew that God would use your being a shopaholic to break the iceberg? :p

    may you continue to draw nearer to Him and may you learn to entrust both your short-term and long-term plans to Him this year and in the years to come.

  2. kairosdelta says:

    And who knew I was a shopaholic? (in denial)

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