Third Soil Telltales

Continuing from the last entry

I believe that most believers in not-so-persecuted countries around the world are part of the “third soil” – choked by the worries of this world, and ever in pursuit of wealth and comfort, among other things.

You know you are in the third soil when:

Your desire to take a vacation, to go and see places exceeds your desire to go to places where Christ’s name has not yet been proclaimed.

You define a simple life as having to buy two pairs of footwear every year because you “need” them, and define being deprived as not having to buy any article of clothing in the past 6 months.

You wilfully choose to eat 3-digit meals on a regular basis, and say that you don’t earn enough to regularly support a missionary or worker.

You say that you can’t have time for regular bible reading and prayer, but religiously watch the latest sitcom episodes and read half a dozen manga series.

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