SMS # 30: Matthew 5:10

Blessed are those who are persecuted because of righteousness,
for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Those who chose to do what is right in God’s eyes will often be mis-understood; and being mocked, isolated, or physically harmed are but natural consequences. So don’t be surprised when such things happen to you, instead, be joyful that you are able to know Christ more through suffering and hardships.

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5 Responses to SMS # 30: Matthew 5:10

  1. savedbygrace says:

    why is righteousness always associated with something “to do”?

    when this verse simply says the righteous is persecuted?

  2. kairosdelta says:

    you have a point. I guess the answer to that is, how does the Lord Jesus define the righteous, and what causes them to be persecuted? Is it because of what they chose to believe, how they live, or what they do or do not do? Simply following Christ is something that is done (the “to do”).

    • savedbygrace says:

      i think you are right, its about the todo. because during this time when Jesus taugh the beatitudes, the gift of righteousness is not yet available.

      this righteousness Jesus was describing is by the Law. so its really about “to do”

      – grace and peace

      • kairosdelta says:

        Thank you for pointing out the chronological context of this passage, I actually did not take that into much consideration. I think I may have to write a longer consolidation for the beatitudes as a whole, since ‘SMS’ is limited to 480 characters


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