“Scriptural Witnessing”

That is the tile of the obscure little white book that has been in my possession for over a decade now. I already forgot how it got to me, or who lent it; all I could remember was that it was not sold elsewhere, but its contents are quite relevant. Aside from the body text of this booklet, no other information could be found except for its compiler, a certain Congressman Joe Tan Ramirez. Some of the book’s contents are controversial, but for all it’s worth, I would like to share an excerpt from the opening paragraphs:

“Every child of God has been commissioned to be a part of a concerted effort to bring the good news of the Gospel to every creature. Once this good news is heard and received, the recipient of God’s free gift of salvation must be discipled so that he, too, is involved with God’s program for every Christian – intense cultivation and abounding in fruitfulness.

There is no way to escape the responsibility of being a bearer of these glad tidings. In order for this message to go into all the world to every creature, the full mobilization of God’s army is required. The tradgedy of the Christian church today is that the vast majority of bible believing Christians are too concerned with amassing treasures on earth and padding their bank accounts that they have never thaken God’s commission seriously. Yet He still speaks as He spoke in days of yore – “as my Father hath sent me, so send I you.” A more blessed and frightening commission could not be devised. It is a commission that is largely ignored by the Christian population as a whole. 

The average fundamental Christian is very much anchored to this world. This fact is apparent when we consider the huge importance given to accumulate worldly treasures and enjoying earthly pleasures. A paranoic fear of death that most Christians have make a lie of Paul’s assertion that to be with Christ is far better. to hear the average Christian talk, a notable answer to prayer is a deliverance that keeps them marooned on earth for many more years, to lay up more treasures and partake of all the world has to offer. 

The dearth of evangelistic desire is only matched by the penury of our missionary giving. It is heart-breaking to compare financial outlays in things to make us more comfortable and even things to make our pets comfortable with that which we invest in God’s program of world missions. Do we really beieve the :Great Commission” of Him Whom we call Lord?

 The bottom line can only be that most of us do not really believe we are His representatives; we do not concur with His sentiments that it is better to lose on earth for heavenly gain, and we are so attached to the world that we cannot bear to have the slightest inconvenience in lives that are supposed to be poured out at the Master’s feet. Casting crowns at His feet in Heaven is a beautiful thought, but what crowns will be given to those who were more interested in livng for themselves than in giving themselves to Him?”

Sadly, these words still prove true for most professing believers today, sometimes, it is even true for us…

Post Script: I have found an archived article connected to this “controversial book”

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