Lessons from City Hunter: Being Part of Something Greater

I think it was while riding a bus to UPLB the other day that I was forced to watch an episode of City Hunter dubbed in Taglish. The guy orienting the female bodyguards to the presidential family asked them to repeat what he said. The women were doing fine until the lines “I am a shield for bullets”, at which they paused and hesitated prior to answering. Even then, their answers seemed to be half hearted. They did not realize that part of their job was to risk losing their lives for the sake of the president and his family. In which case, after their death, they will no longer benefit from the fruits of their labor and sacrifice. Their loved ones will be the ones to benefit, but for them, it will all be over.

In this day and age where slavery and forced labor has been considerably abolished, and where medieval values are considered archaic; the notion of giving up one’s life for whatever cause seems insane, or romantic at most.

The prevailing value and notion is that one lives for his or her self. “Follow your dreams” is a common motto. Anyone who does not live for himself is a fool. You only have one life, so why waste it?

Sadly, the bible does not teach us to do that. Jesus teaches us to follow God’s will for our lives by seeking His Kingdom, His complete reign over our individual souls:

But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well -Matthew 6:33

I admire suicide bombers for their faith. Whatever it is they believe, they are able to look beyond this world and this life with such confidence that giving up their life for a greater cause far outweighs living their “dreams”.

Just like the bodyguards, part of our “job” as followers of Christ is to risk losing our lives (or reputation, or riches, fame, or power) for the sake of the President of this whole visible and invisible Universe.

Just like the suicide bombers, in order for us to live unattached to this world, we must be fully convinced of the joys in the life to come, and how much this temporal world is but a drop in the ocean compared to what awaits to those who in obedience, surrender their lives  to the King.

So, are you a “shield for bullets”?

Are you willing to ditch your dreams to be part of something greater?

Come to Jesus. You won’t regret it.

*written in under 30 minutes, sorry kung medyo sabog*

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