Coron waiting for sunrise

“My soul waits for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning.” (Psalms 130:6).

Overnight duties are one of the most dreaded jobs. Imagine standing guard during the wee hours of the night; there is hardly any light, and your body clock is not cooperating. Your eyes droop as you struggle to stay awake, not just awake, but also forever vigilant. Anything could go wrong; enemies might come, and with them, trouble.

I had experienced night shifts every other week during my 2-year stint working in Laguna. I usually had to stay up for 12 hours or more, practically being in-charge of the people because all the higher-ups had day shifts. There were times that I would just struggle to keep awake until the sun rose – a sign that the shift is almost at its end; the turnover just a few clock ticks away, and that I am 30 minutes away from the much-anticipated reunion with my bed. Delays, such as having a late replacement, or having no replacement, would likely make you want to cry on the spot

The yearning that I’ve described doesn’t even begin to match the Psalmist’s longing for God. There are no words for it.

God wants us to long for Him, to seek Him more than fans desire for their favorite artists. More than politicians wait for election results. More than watchmen wait for the morning.

What is your attitude towards God today?

Do you neglect Him because of familiarity?

Are you running away from Him because of sin?

Do you treat Him like a background object? Like a tree in the periphery?

Or do you long for Him in ways words cannot even begin to describe?

*Written while on queue for an SM North Jeep en route to Cantata practice, 11/2012*

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