The RH Bill, Divorce, the Philippines, and, Jesus

RH Bill Sponsors Pia Cayetano and Edcel Lagman after the bicameral meet (image from

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Naapprove na sa Bicameral Review Panel and RH Bill. A colleague of mine pointed out that one reason for not accepting the RH bill is because the people’s taxes will be used to fund the bill requirements. Meaning nagbabayad ka ng buwis para suportahan ang mga bagay na maaaring taliwas sa iyong paniniwala.

Come to think of it, as another friend pointed out, whenever you put someone in jail, you are also feeding that person with money from your taxes. Sa madaling salita, hindi naman natin makokontrol kung ang buwis natin ay nagpapataba ng mga buwaya o napupunta sa mga maralitang nangangailangan. Gayumpaman, ang payo ni Jesus sa atin ay “give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s” (Matthew 22:21).

Will the Government become less righteous because of the RH bill? Will it cease to be God’s tool just because? Surely God is more sovereign than you think.

If God wills to let this country succumb into moral depravity, as some people are foreseeing, then, there is nothing we can do but pray and continue to walk, as well as encourage others to, walk in righteousness – the path that Jesus our Lord left for us. There are 1001 ways to make better use of our time than objecting with our voices. Siguro mas maigi kung magsimula ang bawa’t individual na i-seek ang gustong pagawin ni Lord sa buhay nya: a cause to work for; good works to be done; relationships to build and nurture; lives to help change, you name it.

Ikaw, kilala mo ba si Lord? Kung hindi basahin mo ang Kanyang Salita.

Alam mo ba kung ano ang gusto Nya para sa buhay mo?

Wag mong hayaan na nabubuhay ka na di mo alam ang sagot sa mga tanong na ito.

Maligayang Pasko!


May mga moral authorities na nangangamba sa kahihinatnan ng Pilipinas lalo na at nagbabalak ang iilang tao na i-legalize ang divorce, especially since the Philippines is the only country in the world where divorce is illegal. Ironically, the Philippines is also one of the most corrupt nations on this planet. Apparently, walang correlation ang kawalan ng divorce sa corruption ratings natin…

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