Aling Norma

The Paralytic

The Paralytic

*Originally written April 21, 2013*

Aling Norma died last Sunday. I first met her two weeks ago when she decided to attend the Village B Bible Study again, after having watched the Jesus film during the holy week. I was told that half of her body had been paralyzed by stroke, and was hardly able to walk anymore, her body continuously degenerating. To get to the BS venue, two men had to lift the wooden chair she was sitting in. The scene literally reminded me of Jesus and the paralytic, except that there was no roof to breach, only the narrow eskinitas of the compound. She was hardly able to speak, and at times you could see that she was closing her eyes, yet still seemed to listen to ate Ed’s discourse.

After the Bible study, she gestured to one of her relatives to get her bible and reading glasses. Quietly, and with assistance, she opened the bible and read a passage (I forgot what passage it was). Ate Ed then asked her if it was clear to her who Jesus was. She answered that everything became clear to her as she was watching the Jesus film that was shown two weeks prior. She knew that Jesus had forgiven her sin, and was now offering her life without end if she would surrender her life to him. The next Sunday, she passed away. Today, (one week after her death) we were able to see her in her casket; she was smiling. The Tarpaulin on the casket had the words, “Going home”, along with a picture of doves and a rainbow. Ate Ed commented that the words on the tarp were only fitting, for Aling Norma Is now home with Jesus.

It was amazing how God allowed aling Norma to “survive” long enough to meet Jesus. After seventy nine years of existence, she finally understood and accepted God’s love through Christ. God also allowed her to enjoy her new life and fellowship with God during her last two weeks on earth.

If you already have a relationship with Jesus, then cherish and nurture that relationship. If you are still unsure about who Jesus is to you, then I challenge you to read his word, and decide for yourself.

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One Response to Aling Norma

  1. excelle says:

    wow, so happy to hear such story, when before her final rest here on earth, God came into her life and which she gladly accepted Jesus as her personal savior. it is a reminded for all of us to make us of our time to share the Gospel to our loved ones before its too late.

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