Bang and Crash: Probability and Permissive Will

Happy new year, dear readers! (clap clap clap) Happy to serve!

I haven’t been able to update my blogs for the last six weeks. That’s ironic considering I had more than a week of “Christmas break.” Yes, I call it a “break” since most of us teachers were still in (and some still are in as I write) the proverbial Check Republic. It’s also the first time in a long while that both my parents and younger brother got to spend more than a week with us. Hence, my post-checking vacation was a series of bonding/chow moments, talyer and delivery errands, refrigerator tetris and dishwashing duties. Needless to say, it was also next to impossible for me to concentrate to a point that I could write anything, academic or otherwise. Thus, half my vacation was spent raising monsters from old CDs and commanding a regiment of pigs to blast their opponents into hog heaven.

That being said, I think my stress from academic writing has caused me to avoid any form of writing altogether, thus the low word count for both blogs and social media. Even responding to SMS became a chore.

So, it’s been 4 days into 2015, and the New Year had indeed started with a BANG, literally. Just 2 days ago, the same day my parents and brother left for Sri Lanka and Cebu, respectively, I got involved in my first inter-vehicular accident (BANGgaan). I’ve been driving for over 10 year and have never been into a serious collision. So it was much to my surprise when I heard a loud crashing sound just after crossing an intersection in Quezon City. To make things worse, the offender was in a hurry, and left me only with his first name and contact number. Everyone that I informed told me that I should have made sure to get his full name and license details, at the very least. Well, lesson learned the hard way. It was a lesson in practicing faith as well… faith in the sincerity of humans, that is. Thankfully, I was contacted by the driver after a few hours, though only to postpone negotiations until after insurance offices resume.

The BANG and the CRASH

The BANG and the CRASH

As if things couldn’t get worse, my 3 year old laptop CRASHed less than 24 hours after. To be exact, the hard disk can no longer be detected and googling for the exact same problems gave me this answer: you either have to spend for 3 times the cost of the drive for expert data recovery, or consider throwing away your hard drive. Ouch.

Well, what are the odds that two major unfortunate events would occur 24 hours apart? Apparently greater than zero. Perhaps God wants me to trust in Him as early as now. Looking back, things could have been worse. If the collision happened a split second before, the damage could have been bigger. Still much earlier and my passenger could have been the one hit.

As for the computer, the crash could have happened before I was able to back up most of my academic folders, or while I was doing my grades for submission. So, again, what lessons can we learn from these?

  1. Seemingly unfortunate events could be part of God’s permissive will, and we should not react to these in anger. The only thing we rightfully deserve from God is death and eternal condemnation, so anything else that’s better than that, is actually something to thank God for.
  2. Never miss on the learnings. Each of these events are like “level-ups” in our sanctification. Don’t dwell on the hardships but rejoice in the lessons.
  3. Extra precaution. The collision could have been prevented if I made sure the road was absolutely clear before crossing. Less data would have been lost if I fixed the auto-backup server at home as planned.
  4. Be thankful. I escaped with my life, and managed to backup my academic folders into a 16gb flash drive two weeks ago, that should be more than enough.


P.S. In case you’re wondering how I am able to post this, I am using a new laptop bought earlier today from a loan that my dad generously granted on a few hour’s notice. On top of that, I believe the retroactive compensation for the retroactive promotion at work may be a bit more than enough to pay for that loan. As of this time, too, I was able to resurrect my old laptop using a spare 4-year old CDRking hard drive. Although my dead drive’s still seems hopeless at this point.

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2 Responses to Bang and Crash: Probability and Permissive Will

  1. ykw says:

    Good to know you’re ok on both counts. Have a much better year ahead!

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